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Welcome to Wind Gap!

Wind Gap Technology Group is a small software development firm located on the outskirts of the greater Wind Gap (Pa.) metropolitan area. From our admittedly off-the-beaten-path location we have developed data-intensive solutions for clients across the U.S. and Canada, including Fortune 500 companies (ABC News, Air Products & Chemicals), manufacturers (Lutron, EnergyTracking), and software vendors (Bader Technologies, LogicWorks, Inc.).

Along the way we've developed some strong relationships with clients, and we've developed some strong opinions about how applications should be developed. Clients look to us for help with complex applications and complex business models--as a result we're frequently helping our clients achieve a significant competitive advantage by using technology in new and different ways. If your project plan requires fault-tolerant data distribution across the corporate WAN, integrating your operations into customer computer systems, or displaying customer service information in Japanese, your best resource might just be us--the very largest I.T. firm in the Wind Gap area.


Wind Gap Data, LLC - 959 Park Estates Road - Wind Gap, Pennsylvania 18091-9702 - 610-844-3012